What We Do

Since the beginning of computing there have been two great teams: The operations team, responsible for maintaining and developing a functional system. And the development team responsible for create and innovate the operating system.

In the past, before information systems evolve to what they are today, these two teams clashed constantly since developed what “Dev” hindered the operation of “Ops” and conversely. Therefore, it was decided to take a new vision, in which both departments merge so that development is done much faster and efficient; this way, when Dev develop a new feature, Ops is already integrating it to the OS avoiding a waste of time and effort.

What do we do?

In our company, this is a key factor, since our line of work responds to a market that is in constant development, growth and evolution. It is important to maintain our systems at the forefront of technology and that our content is the most current and consistent with what our users want to see.

Thus, we not only combine these two departments but also follow the model of “Agile Led”. That is, we use a multidisciplinary team that allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of the obstacles that may arise and working together for the sole purpose of developing, creating and ultimately bring our users the best content, in the most quickly and effectively as possible.

To do this, we use the most innovative tools that allow us, through the network, interchange large amounts of information (either in terms of code or data) between different teams from anywhere in the world.