The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool for information to travel quickly from one point to another; however, today this system has become so popular that in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and make our message and services effectively reach our consumers we must avail ourselves of different marketing strategies that allow us to establish communication between us and consumers to detect what are their interests and offer better service.

Therefore, in this age of rapid technological advances, we use some tool that allows us to design strategies quickly, creatively and efficiently; it is known as “Campaign Management Software”. This tool allows us to analyze, in real time, the data from the different marketing strategies presented; so that we can make vital decisions and devote efforts more quickly and effectively.


To evaluate a campaign strategy first we must create one, to do so we go through the following process:

  • We select a team dedicated to the evaluation of the target that will be targeted by the campaign.
  • Ideas are developed and the aim of the campaign is planned.
  • We set the strategies (such as commercials, social media, etc.) and develop the offer.
  • The campaign is executed and tracked receipt of public.
  • The data is analyzed and decisions are made based on the development of the same.