Why Cloud?

The essential elements of cloud computing are that it is faster, more flexible and more affordable. This means it is easily adaptable to any environment in any company for different purposes; however, a tool as powerful as this requires a clear strategy to avoid it to be counterproductive.


In order to implement this tool as a solution we must take into account the following aspects:

  • Define the needs of your business: assess the opportunities and threats, and subsequently prioritize how your team can support the business better.
  • Identify where cloud services can better support your business, by looking at the benefits for your business
  • Define your desired future state and plan backwards


Once the strategy is established, taking into account the desired goals and having the clear ultimate goal; the following is to develop a “road map” which will serve as a route to implement the strategy. This road map comes from the combination of assessment and evaluation; the previous stage was to assess want to implement this system; Now, to carry out steps must establish and create changes within the organization conscience towards all migrate to this system.