With the advancement of computers and the internet, we have seen how information can travel at incredible speeds across the planet; likewise the world of computer data has become immensely large, immensely larger scale; There are billions of data packets traveling around the world every second.

For companies, this represents a great opportunity and in turn a huge challenge since immersed within that vast amount of information can be found in elements that can represent great opportunities and failures at different scales (financial, operational, performance, etc.)

That is why in recent years has coined the term “Data Science” interdisciplinary field that is responsible for studying, improving and redesigning processes and systems that allow us to extract information from the data; either a structured or not.

Data science uses data preparation, statistics, predictive modelling and machine learning to investigate problems in various domains such as agriculture, marketing optimization, fraud detection, risk management, marketing analytics, public policy, etc. It emphasizes the use of general methods such as machine learning that apply without changes to multiple domains. vTeamLabs offers various data science solutions for any business need.