Using Emails

One of the most used marketing strategies that our company uses to meet the needs of our audience is the “Email Marketing”. As the name suggests, this is to send to a number of people (whether actual or potential users of our services) email whose contents is varied (promotions, new content, the latest information, etc.) pointing to set an even closer relationship with our users, encourage their loyalty and always keep them informed of any developments that occur in the company.

How we Implement this Strategy

There are two types of email marketing we are able to use:

  • Transactional emails: These kind are used to complete actions performed by the user on our servers such as account creation, management of keys, payments or purchases, etc. Therefore, the main objective is to allow the user to interact directly with the service we provide.
  • Direct emails: these emails are more of a promotional nature, through which we extend to our customers new products, promotions and other relevant information. Also, this allows us to integrate our network to new consumers.

Why use Emails?

The main advantages of this strategy are:

  • It allows us to make an accurate evaluation of palpable and public reception.
  • It is a quick, effective and simple way to reach our users.
  • It allows us to promote and evaluate new products
  • Direct mailings enable our customers to feel part of our company, because we send them relevant information about us.