Another strategy that we use as a company is to establish our marketing strategies is colloquially known as “Insight” which is to evaluate the relationship between the interests of our consumers and our brand characteristics. That is, when developing a marketing campaign or establishing the characteristics for the creation of a new product the first thing to assess is the needs of our clients, how they feel and see our product and they do with he; get to know the way we look at the client, their mood regarding our product and that is what triggers these reactions. Thus we can reinvent, redesign, and innovate in order to always guarantee the best service.

What it Does

This information allows us, among other things:

  • Assess the impact: it allows us to determine evaluate the behavior of our consumers when making a business decision based on our ability to retain, acquire or lose customers.
  • Active Clients: It allows us to assess the time as customers remain active consumers of our products; this gives us a perspective of what are their interests and what not.
  • History: We can lead a detailed database about the historical behavior of our customers, allowing us to make predictions and make future decisions more accurately.
  • Cross-Sell Analysis: It allows us to assess the relationship between products and services to maximize their use.
  • Critical Lag: It allows us to assess individual behavior of our customers to identify their needs and provide better service.