The Importance of Teamwork

When we define the term “project management” we mean that efforts by a task force within a specific period of time, to achieve a certain goal, innovate or improve a product, solving a problem, assess trends, etc.

The project management process from conception, planning, development of solutions, implementation, evaluation of results and decision making.

As you can imagine, there are different problems for different possible solutions and in turn, have different approaches to reach its solution; some of the approaches that exist are:

The vTeamLabs difference

  • The traditional approach: that is the systematic and linear evaluation of a problem to finding the solution.
  • Critical chain project management: that is to develop a detailed project planning to conduct and analyze its main weaknesses; so that those limitations and are considered critical are those that require the most attention.
  • Agile Project Management: An iterative process of comprehensive evaluation (taking into account different points of view) the problem to determine the best approach for resolution.
  • Lean project management: It is based on the principle of lean manufacturing and whose main focus is to achieve the goal with less waste and time.
  • Benefits realization management: This is a management system that maintains a close relationship between the outcome of the project and the business strategy of a company.

As a company, our main concern is the efficient resolution of any problem posed. Therefore, we integrate our working several of these philosophies of project management in order to choose the one that best suits with the problem evaluated and allow us to generate the best response to the demand of our consumers.