Branching Out

The use of information and cultural interpretation of the information society has become increasingly globalized; as well as the language and way of seeing or doing things.

In our company, we want to reach as many users worldwide; however, translate our content from one language to another is not sufficient for it to be accepted in every culture. This is where the concept of “localization software” enters; in this sense it seeks to tailor our services to the thinking and feeling of each culture, making it intrinsic of each nation. This not only ensures that our users like what we offer but also feel it their own.

 How its Done

The way we do this adaptation consists of:

  • Cultural, technical and linguistic analysis of the region.
  • Creation of a glossary of terms used in the popular slang.
  • Analysis of the content and translation of it (taking into account cultural factors)
  • Adaptation of the interface. Prior evaluation of the national pages.
  • Technological adaptation of content (depending on the technological development of each nation should consider the graphics, image sizes, etc)
  • Content evaluation and monitoring feedback received